About 3G

In a strive for simplicity, flexibility and sustainability, the team set out to see if they could combine all these attributes into an eco home. As rather single-minded researchers and after many (many, many) hours and much experimentation they hit upon a combination that has proved itself in New Zealand environments.

The 3rd Generation Team

Allan Booth – Director

Allan-BoothAllan Booth is one of New Zealand’s leading Engineering Innovators. Allan’s vision and pursuit of sustainable revolution has seen him create the Eco Cube (TM Pending) – the cornerstone of 3rd Generation Excellence homes, and the benchmark for ecological living in the world today.

Allan’s career has seen him design and construct town and rural water supply systems for numerous Regional Councils in the South Island of New Zealand; as well as a strong history in the building industry, designing, renovating and building commercial restaurants and housing in New Zealand and China. He is a member of the Institute of Professional Engineers in New Zealand (IPENZ).

Allan is also currently involved in building the first electric aeroplane, as well as numerous high performance electric car conversions.

Brian Choate – Designer

brianBrian Choate is an Architectural visualisation specialist and designer. Brian has over 30 years of computer graphics design, architectural Computer Aided Design (CAD), and programming experience. He has designed new houses and renovations in the United States, particularly California, and in New Zealand.

Brian is qualified in three dimensional design (*3D) and auto-CAD, and is self-taught in sketchup.

Brian’s wealth of experience means he can create hyper-realistic visualisation of your building ideas, enabling you to see and experience all facets of your design, including sun patterns and lighting, and make changes well before plans are finalised.

Brian also has a passion for photography and he works as a freelance contract photographer for real estate agents and builders taking house photos and block imagery.

Claudia Kaltenstadler – Sales Marketer

Claudia2Claudia is an independent consultant on energy efficiency housing, who also manages the sales and marketing of 3G Excellence homes.

Having studied Agriculture, Claudia brings her passion for health and sustainability in all areas of life to the 3rd Generation designs.

Claudia’s career provides a sound platform for understanding ecological living in New Zealand. She worked for a building company in Germany focusing particularly on renovation and restoration of beautiful old German buildings. Upon immigrating, Claudia learnt first-hand of the impact of poor, cold and damp New Zealand housing, and she combines this knowledge to ensure efficiency of all living spaces, whilst also working with clients to move into healthy and cost-effective home ownership.

Claudia is also an artisan leather artist who understands about attention to detail and lifelong craftsmanship.