Relocatable Modular Portable Eco Homes

with flexible design options


IMAGINE an ecologically sustainable house that is:

  • Fully portable throughout New Zealand
  • Able to be located completely ‘Off Grid’
  • Architecturally designed and absolutely tailored to your own
  • personal design specifications
  • Simply added to if your living space needs expand
  • Fully relocatable
  • Beautiful, warm and inviting

This is Third Generation of Excellence Housing.

  • Housing that utilises and airtight system
  • Housing that is completely insulated
  • Housing that aims for a 10 Star Energy rating
  • Housing that is self-sustaining
  • Housing with minimal footprint on the earth
  • Housing that is stunning and cost-effective



  • Explore materials and floor plans
  • Customise your modular, flexible design
  • Experience your design – 3d walk thru & renderings



The heart of third generation excellence housing is the Y-Pod.
The Y-Pod attaches to the outside of any building providing all clean energy and water services.

The Y-Pod has as standard:

  • 24/7 Solar Hot Water,
  • A grey water treatment system recycling water back to the house,
  • UV sterilisation system for fresh tank water,
  • A high pressure pump to ensure strong water pressure throughout the house
  • Photovoltaic solar panels for electricity, connected to storage batteries with a 230 V inverter
  • Full underfloor heating capacity

Y-Pod Options:

  • Wind power generation
  • Hydro stream power generation
  • Solar underfloor central heating
  • Emergency energy ‘back up’ generator
  • Black water incineration system recycled back to bio gardens